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November is Child Safety Protection Month

Child Safety Protection In and Around Cars

November is Child Safety Protection month and we know there is no better feeling than the peace of mind that your little ones are safe. When thinking about this month of child safety awareness, cars come to mind. We all know the importance of being attentive and cautious when it comes to these powerful pieces of machinery. Whether inside the car, or out walking in a parking lot or on a sidewalk, it's critical that children understand the importance of car safety.

Safety Inside Cars

  1. Use the window lock when you have little ones in the back seat. If they’d like the window rolled down, have them ask permission and you can roll it down for them. They stay safer this way and it lowers the risk of rolling the window down too far where they could fall out.

  2. Whether your child is sitting in the front seat or back seat, don’t allow them to put their feet, knees bent, on the dashboard or seat in front of them. When their legs are up like this and the car suddenly stops, there is a high risk of their knees impacting their face.

  3. On long car rides, sometimes kids like to put the seat belt shoulder strap behind them to get more comfortable. Although maybe more comfortable in the short term, if a collision takes place, there is nothing stopping the top part of their body from moving forward at a fast rate. They might get annoyed when you tell them not to do it, but it's worth it.

Safety Around Cars

  1. Being safe around cars is just as important as safety inside the car. Number one, bring it back to the basics, and remind children to look all directions before crossing the street. Teach them to always look left first, because it's the closest lane, and quickly assesses the most immediate danger. Not only is it important for safety around cars, but it's a great tip to give your kids for when they learn to drive later.

  2. In parking lots, other cars should be cautious. However, because parking lot movement can be unpredictable, emphasize the importance of staying aware as a pedestrian. Make sure they check the lanes before walking out into them and that they’re cautious of which directions cars could be coming from. Even though cars are moving slower, they're still a risk.

  3. bring it back to the basics, and remind children to look all directions before crossing the street.
  4. Car safety for kids in driveways is something easy to forget. It’s important to always look all around your car when getting ready to pull out from your driveway. Also make sure your kids know how to approach cars in driveways and are mindful when playing in them. Talk to your kids about the signals of running vehicles that should catch their attention, such as rumbling sounds and the smell of fumes.

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Teaching your kids basic car safety is a great place to jump start them on the path of always being safe and aware growing up. Stay tuned for more safety tips brought to you by Central Security.