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Stay safe during Halloween in Temecula California

9 Simple Halloween Safety Tips for Temecula

Keep Halloween Fun While Staying Safe

It’s that time of year again in Southern California. Where the leaves turn shades of orange, yellow and red and the scarves come out. And right around the corner are goblins and ghouls and everything spooky, but also sweet. We get dressed up, eat lots of candy and ‘trick or treat’ becomes our mantra.

Here are some Halloween safety tips to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe.

How to trick-proof your kids’ costumes.

Children at Halloween in Temecula California
  1. Brighten up your little pirate, witch or superhero with reflective tape or materials to help them stand out during trick-or-treating. A great alternative to this would be glow sticks – they’re fun for kids and help keep them noticeable to drivers.
  2. Try face-paint instead of masks this year. It will help with vision while your little one is crossing streets and approaching neighborhoods.
  3. Make sure your child’s costume fits them snugly. Hem dragging skirts or pants to avoid the chances of tripping.

Trick-or-treating safety on the streets of Temecula.

  1. If your children are a little older and planning to trick-or-treat by themselves, sit down with them first and plan a route together. That way, you’ll know where they are along the trick-or-treating path throughout the night. Discuss a meeting place and time to pick them up at the end of the night.
  2. Always cross streets at crosswalks and refer to the fundamentals of looking both ways before crossing. Trick-or-treating neighborhoods can get busy and being aware of the surroundings will increase safety.
  3. Don’t accept candy that is homemade or packaged in resealable wrappers. These can include Smarties, Jolly Ranchers and some caramels.

Don’t accept candy that is homemade or packaged in resealable wrappers. These can include Smarties, Jolly Ranchers and some caramels.

Halloween safety tips for college students.

  1. If you plan to drink on Halloween night, plan a ride in advance. Whether it’s a sober friend who will be driving you or keeping a taxi’s number in your phone, don’t risk driving even after just a couple drinks.
  2. Remember that trick-or-treating can start as early as 5:00pm and go as late as 10:00pm, so be especially aware of children while driving during these hours.
  3. Travel in groups. Avoid any unwanted trickery by buddying up on Halloween night. Get a group of friends together and develop a system for staying together throughout the night. It’s better to be surrounded by people than find yourself walking home alone.

Halloween in Temecula California

At Central Security Services, we’re invested in the safety and security of Temecula. Let’s keep the holiday safe this year with these Halloween safety tips.