Smart Alert Doorbell Camera

Answer your door from wherever you are!

Want to know who's at your front door? With the Smart Alert Doorbell Camera, you won't need to be home to find out. Your front door will be monitored 24/7 with video clips taken of every new visitor. Has that package you've been expecting finally arrived? Tell the Fex Ex man what to do with it, while you're away running errands. Our Smart Alert Doorbell Camera provides many advantages:

  • Two Way Voice - Talk to your visitors live while they're at your front door.
  • Recorded Visitor Clips - Video clips will show you exactly who comes to your door, whether they ring the doorbell or not.
  • Night Vision - Clear HD video footage day and night.
  • Smartphone Compatible - Works with your existing iPhone, Android, or other smartphone.
  • Additional Security - Visitors know they are being recorded, adding an extra deterrent to burglars.
  • Multiple Users - Set up several smartphones as once to receive doorbell and vistor alerts.

Motion Activated Video Clips and Two Way Communication

Call today to schedule professional installation of your Smart Alert Doorbell Camera soon. Learn how easy and convenient it can be to stay connected to your home with this simple addition to your existing security system.

Please note: Doorbell camera requires wifi connectivity and upload speeds of 1.5mbps. Unsure about your connection? Click here to take a free test at

Remote Access


Remote Access

Did you ever want to remotely control and monitor your home systems?

Web and mobile device apps allow you to remotely access and control your system as well as receive event notifications. With the convenience of monitoring your home remotely always at your fingertips, you'll enjoy peace of mind.

What does this mean?

  • Forgot to set the burglar alarm? No problem. No matter where you are, you can always arm it from your mobile device.
  • You’ll receive text or email messages alerting you of burglar alarms or other events.
  • You can control your home security system from anywhere in the world!
  • With our video option and remote access capability, you'll be able to check in to see your child made it home safely or view the handyman’s arrival.
  • Limitless possibilities with the addition of smart automation where you control your lights, locks, and thermostat remotely.

Whether you are at home, work, or traveling the world… a glimpse of your home’s safety and reassurance that all is well has never been easier or more accessible.

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Reliable Communication


Reliable Communication

Full Power-24 Hour

Ensuring your alarm system can communicate with our central station is the key to protecting your home 24 hours a day. Cellular, radio, and Internet communication options make it possible for your alarm system to communicate with Central Security Services’ monitoring station independent of landlines. Cellular and radio communication function even when the power is down, and these wireless systems mean there are no lines that criminals cut to disable alarm communication. These are reliable, cost-effective communication solutions for those who live in the digital age – and want their home security system to live in it too.

Your personalized home security system will remain fully powered all day, each day. Central Security Services will not let you go unprotected, even for one minute.

Door, Window, Motion Sensors


Door, Window, Motion Sensors

Central Security Services’ team of security experts know exactly what intruders want – to enter and exit undetected. We make sure they don’t get what they want.

With the most reliable and technologically advanced window, door & motion burglar alarm sensors installed in your home, combined with the knowledge that our team of skilled security professionals is monitoring your home around the clock, you can rest easy that the best safety measures are in place and you are protected.

Whether you are at home or on holiday, you can be confident that Central Security Services has your best interest at heart to keep your family and possessions safe for today and for years to come.

Fire & Heat Sensors


Fire & Heat Sensors

Protect your loved ones and personal belongings with round-the-clock fire protection.

Preventing property loss and injury to loved ones is, understandably, foremost on any homeowners mind. Fire is an unpredictable disaster that can happen at any time. The decision to install fire and heat sensors is one of the most sensible decisions you can make and may possibly lower home insurance bills.

When heat or smoke trips a fire sensor, you and our 24 hour monitoring team are alerted. Dispatchers immediately send fire personnel and notify you of the emergency.

Rest easy knowing your home is protected from fire even when you’re away from it.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors


Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Carbon Monoxide, the "silent killer"

Dangers can’t always be seen, heard, or smelled. As keen as our senses are, extreme levels of carbon monoxide can go undetected without the use of a monitored Carbon Monoxide sensor. If gone unnoticed for a long period, carbon monoxide can have dangerous and threatening health effects.

A Carbon Monoxide sensor detects high levels of carbon monoxide and alerts Central Security Services’ central station to send emergency fire services and alert homeowners of the danger. You can safeguard your family from this silent, odorless threat by adding this sensor to your security package.

When is the last time you checked the Carbon Monoxide level in your house?

Water Sensor


Water Sensor

Don’t Get Caught Under Water.

Don’t let the a clogged drain or toilet cause your home's pipes to burst resulting in a basement full of water. Blocked sinks or toilets, broken pipes, or taps accidentally left to run all night can lead to disastrous and expensive consequences. With the installation of a monitored Water sensor, Central Security Services’ monitoring station is quickly alerted to the problem and immediately notifies you to aid in avoiding serious property damage.

Let Central Security Services show you the way to personalizing your security program, giving you and your family many years of protection and peace of mind in your home.